3 Small Spring Projects That Could Add Big Value to Your Home


Spring is right around the corner, and that means it may be time to start thinking about projects around the home. Maybe you’re ready for some seasonal cleaning, or maybe you’re just tired of being stuck in the house. No matter your motivation, there are all sorts of projects that you might be ready to tackle – but if you have it in your mind that you would you like to sell your home one day, then a Spring project is a great way to stack a little extra on top of your existing property value.

What follows are a handful of ideas that will increase the overall value of your home when you decide to get it on the market, no matter when you decide to put it up for sale.

Start Outdoors

If the weather is in your favor, you might be inspired to begin outside – and for good reason! Improving your home’s exterior appearance is a surefire way to increase your property value. Even more importantly, adding curb appeal can get more interested buyers to look into your home in the first place – which means they’ll have their chance to feast their eyes on all of the other improvements that we’ll discuss later on.

Some of these methods are more inexpensive than others. Trimming hedges, power washing siding, painting the front door, or adding in some pea gravel won’t exactly break the bank. Replacing damaged siding, however, or making other significant repairs, could be more costly – but they could also be the very thing that prevents a prospective buyer from taking the first look. For more ideas, hop onto Instagram and search the hashtag #curbappeal.

Be Smart

Smart homes are on the horizon, and there’s no reason that yours need to be left behind. Don’t make the assumption that just because your home wasn’t built in this millennium that you can’t make use of some of these devices – so long as your home can access WiFi, chances are you can make some improvements. Even an older home can benefit from the installation of smart bulbs that can be controlled from the screen on your iPhone. Other devices, such as a Nest thermostat or a smart security system can truly bring your home into the Internet of Things.

In this case, there can also be a little bit of addition-by-subtraction. You may have thought that internally wire surround sound system was a good idea when you imagined installing it 15 years ago, but to tackle that now would mean that every buyer who walks into your home is going to wonder why they would need to buy an amplifier when they have a perfectly good soundbar. Similarly, there’s no better way to make your home look like your grandmother’s then to leave an aging yellow plastic security panel or intercom up on the front entranceway.

Add a Half-Bath

This is a little bit bigger of a project, but if you purchased a one-bathroom as a starter home, you might understand how difficult it is to get away with having to share your daily grooming area with any and all guests that walk through your front door. It’s not an enviable situation to find oneself in and is sometimes enough to keep a prospective buyer from taking a look at a home at all. Adding a half-bath, however, can generally add about 10 percent of value back onto the asking price of a home – generally enough to recoup the investment when it comes time to sell.

Keep in mind that some other factors may come into play when adding a half-bath. If your home is smaller than others in your neighborhood, for instance, than it might be more prudent to preserve as much living space as possible (try finishing your basement, instead). On the other hand, if all of your neighbors are living in homes that have one or more bathrooms than yours does – it could be time to make the investment.