Last Minute Valentine’s Ideas

It happens to all of us – sometimes, we just don’t see the holiday creeping around the corner. If you’ve been wondering how to reveal that your “surprise gift” isn’t you saying the words “sorry, I forgot,” here are a few quick suggestions on how you might spend your Valentine’s weekend with that special someone. Check out some of the local businesses that are stepping up to the plate to keep you covered.


Bella Luna Wood-Fired Pizza

There are many excellent restaurants to try in the Shenandoah Valley (for more ideas, we profiled several of them just last month), but if you want somewhere that has beautiful ambiance, delicious cocktails, and the benefits of a roaring fireplace, then you can’t beat Bella Luna in downtown Harrisonburg. Featuring hand-crafted, farm-fresh food in the historic Livery Building, Bella Luna has the right combination

of elegance and accessibility that makes it the perfect date night for your Valentine. Besides, there’s nothing more shareable than a pizza and the twinkling of your date’s eyes in the firelight is an added bonus.


Stable Craft Brewery

It can be pretty difficult to recommend outdoor seating in February in Virginia. Even the hardiest of couples might find it difficult to enjoy each other’s company in forty-degree weather – but then again, most restaurants don’t offer you an igloo to rent. At Stable Craft Brewery, however, it’s you, your boo, and an igloo – or up to three other couples, if you’re more the social type. The experience includes a private server, as well as a special menu that includes Prime Rib.


Ready Player 2 at Clocktower

A fixed price menu for two with glasses of champagne might be something that you could easily imagine for Valentine’s Day – but what if you want something a little bit more outside of the box? Maybe a little bit outside of the X-Box? At the Clocktower in downtown Staunton, the charity Greater Good Gaming is hosting Ready Player 2, a night of cooperative video games and board games that let you and a partner team up against the bad guys. If you’ve ever wanted to give virtual reality a try – or simply want to support a good cause – you won’t be able to go wrong here, and the dinner menu looks terrific to boot.


Go House Hunting

Sure we might be a little bit biased here, but if you and your partner are looking to take the relationship to the next level, here’s a reminder that house hunting in the winter can be a great time to shop for a home. This may not be the peak season for home sales – but you can use that to your advantage. There will be less competition against you, and some sellers may be more motivated to make a deal. Check out our listings now to get an idea, and get your significant other something that will last longer than the weekend – looking at you, box of chocolates.