Merry Christmas from the KK Homes Family to Yours!

It’s a busy time of year with Christmas right around the corner, but we wanted to take a moment to thank all of our amazing clients, so check out our Christmas video. So many of the wonderful memories of Christmas come from the special people we spend it with and the traditions we pass down year after year. From the KK Homes family to yours, we’d like to share some of our favorite Christmas traditions with you too! May you have a peaceful and joyful holiday season filled with special memories of your own!

“Christmas was a special time growing up as a kid who didn’t have much in the way of material things. I recall one year when my Mom was able to get me a real baby stroller andtwo real cabbage patch kids. I remember what they look like to this day. She always had us decorate the tree not worried about whether it was going to impress anyone but her family. The biggest tradition that sticks with me is her meals that consisted of my Irish Grandmothers apple pie and stuffing recipes, and we always began the meal with celery boat snacks (yum)…

Family is what I remember, and my personal and team family have started a new tradition last year to annually spend our Christmas dinner providing and serving dinner to our community through the Valley Mission. We are so fortunate to have our health and our homes and our families and sharing the spirit of Christmas in this way has been very rewarding and fulfilling. Merry Christmas to you all!” -Kathleen




“One of my favorite holiday traditions is celebrating family Christmas with my dad’s family. We have our large gathering (35 people this year and 6 dogs) at our family’s cabin (The Farm) in Eagle Rock, VA on the Cowpasture River. Not only is the location my favorite place on earth, but it is just so much fun to gather all the family (4 generations) for a weekend Christmas gathering. The kids open presents, the adults do a fun gift exchange that always leaves people fighting over the best gifts, and we eat really great food which has become a tradition in itself with the same favorites being served every year.

It is not all about staying bundled up warm inside though. We spend a lot of time outside gathered around the fire pit while the kids run around and jump on the trampoline. We have even had some snow the last few years. This event is one I look forward to every year and with it being the first or second weekend in December it is like the kick off for the Holiday festivities that last all month. I am truly grateful to  spend the time with extended family at the one place we all can call home.” – Hillary


“My favorite tradition was our Christmas Cookie bake-off. I did this with my kids every year and continue to do now even though they are grown. Most of the time the cookies were not edible, but we had so much fun spending time together. We’re looking forward to starting our new tradition this year – Christmas pajamas, Christmas movies, hot cocoa, gifts, and an evening with family. Sounds like a wonderful new tradition to me!” – Tabby



“My favorite Christmas tradition is when my entire family gets together at my Aunt Lisa’s house for a Gingerbread House Party. She always has tons of amazing food, and the kids have the time of their lives building Gingerbread houses. This year was extra special because this is where my boyfriend Tyler proposed! He knows how much I love Christmas, and how important my family is to me, so it was perfect!  These are memories I will cherish forever. Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year, and I’m looking forward to spending it with my fiancé and our 2-month-old son and for his first Christmas.”  – Brittni


“My favorite Christmas tradition that my mom started with my sister and I, that I now do with my boys, is Christmas pajamas. Each year I get matching pajamas and take a picture of them by the tree. It’s something special that I love to look back on from year to year to see how much that have grown.” <3   – Michelle Cook




“One of our Christmas traditions is gathering our family together and watching The Polar Express while drinking hot chocolate! Even though my girls are all grown up they still …love to watch the movie, and as our family expands the time becomes even more special.”  – Michele Mays





“My favorite Christmas tradition is decorating cookies with my family. This is a very special time because everyone is together and sharing the Christmas spirit while eating, but sometimes decorating sugar cookies. We make many different kinds of cookies, and my favorite is gingerbread, but not the hard kind. While decorating the cookies, we talk about what has been going on in each other’s lives, eat cookies, and sing Christmas carols. This tradition will remain special for many years to come with my children getting older as it was when I was a child.” – Scot